By Jose Ruiz – Account Manager, Aerotek

Hiring managers in the construction industry face a unique set of challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining skilled labor. The following are common challenges that we hear from our clients in the Construction industry:

  • Hiring and/or retaining employees with good “hard” skills.
  • Finding people with good attitudes that want to learn.
  • Not having the time, energy and resources available to train and develop personnel.
  • Managing the “fixed costs” of full time employees (vs. hiring temporary labor).
  • Avoiding competition from within (non-compete).

According to Forbes, there is a consensus that hiring managers only have three real questions for applicants. Interviewers want to know whether candidates:

  • Will be capable of doing the job.
  • Will enjoy the position (want to do the job).
  • Will fit into the company’s culture.

How is this done?  We’ve put together some suggestions that can help you hire and retain your strongest talent in 2016.

1. Know what matters to your staff

Career Builder asked survey respondents what they valued in their jobs. They found that jobseekers are most concerned with job stability (65%), affordable benefits (59%), location (56%), a good boss (51%) and a good work culture (46%). Respondents said that these factors were even more important than salary!

Yet, employers will not know if their employees are satisfied in these areas without asking them. One way to find out is by giving employees anonymous, confidential surveys that specifically inquire about their job satisfaction. Another idea is to meet with top talent to gauge their level of engagement and to find out whether they have suggestions or concerns that might help them or the team function better and be happier.

2. Assess candidate attitude and soft skills

Don’t just hire skilled laborers based on one criterion: “can you do the functions of the job?”Just because someone can do the job, it doesn’t mean that he or she necessarily wants to do that job. So, start from the candidate’s point of view and determine any or all of the following in the beginning:

  • What motivates them?
  • What skills and strengths would they like to utilize on a daily basis?
  • What is their desired company environment and culture?
  • What are their greatest strengths?
  • How does the job or position you are considering them for fit into their Long-Term career goals and plans?

3. Form relationships with your employees

While professional boundaries are important, showing employees you care about them, the development of their careers and their families goes a long way toward retaining top performers. If at all possible, have an open door policy. Don’t be afraid to ask team members about their children’s sporting events or school plays. Take time to sit down with employees to ask about their future aspirations with the company. It might make the difference between keeping and losing your best talent.

4. Trust team members

Employees value jobs where they can grow and learn. Sometimes that means taking risks. Don’t be afraid to give team members challenges that will take them out of their comfort zones. They will probably thank you later.  In addition, the best employees are usually also looking for personal career growth.  So, show them that they can not only grow within your company, but that they are also active contributors to that growth.

5. Hire Smart

When it is time to hire a new staff member, pull out all the stops to make sure the person who is chosen is the best candidate for the job and the most compatible with the company culture. The harder you work to find the right fit, the more likely the employee you choose will remain in the job.

If you would like to discuss your particular challenges and how Aerotek can help you hire and retain the right employees, please contact Sumner Moore, Senior Construction and Skilled Trades Recruiter at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at (704) 329-8137.

Aerotek is part of Allegis Group, the largest staffing provider in the U.S., and a proud member of HCAC.

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