Concrete Design Artisans: Perseverance and Creativity

Artisans Concrete Design offers installation of new concrete in driveways, patios and sidewalks since May 2011. They also specialize in repairing and restoring damaged or worn concrete, creating a new image with products designed to adhere to the concrete surface. Francisco Casas, owner of Concrete Design Artisans explains that "after the respective repair and following the directions of the training received, we offer a wide range of finished products, as “new broom finish”, "stamped", "sprayed" "stencil", "trowel slate" or "epoxies" with colors and sealants for the guarantee, durability and complete customer satisfaction."

From North Charlotte, Concrete Design Artisans serves residential customers and starts its operations in the commercial market, which promise great activity in the coming months.

"This work is very emotional and rewarding, it comfort us to see the result of the work done and to see the customer satisfaction, it inspires us to continue specializing and offer better service every day," tells Francisco.

Mr. Casas recommends small contractors to constantly boost their business to keep it on the market and take advantage of current social media outlets to give the necessary publicity and make it known to the public. Also, he believes that contacting general contractors to come forward and seek opportunities with them is the key to success. "To develop relationships with professionalism generates good and better opportunities," he added.

To be at the forefront and be more competitive, they have received endless training on installing and knowledge of new products, as well as seminars on business management, project planning, safety in the work area, among others.

Francisco also expressed to us their gratitude and satisfaction for being a member of HCAC: "being a member of HCAC, has been very beneficial to our development, from the beginning we have had support, they keep us informed about training, and opportunities for new projects with general contractors and other members in the area. "

The information HCAC offers to start a construction business, as well as product and services providers recommendations, seem to be what have favored Concrete Design Artisans on their way to success.

Francisco says goodbye recommending business owners and construction workers to come to HCAC, to participate in HCAC networking events "so that together we can become a more significant entrepreneurial force, supporting each other we will be recognized as construction companies".

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