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Founded in 2013, D&L Plumbing is a plumbing commercial contractor, covering the state of North Carolina, mostly the areas of ​​the triangle and triad.

We talked with the company owners and asked them to tell us how they began their operations

It all started with the dream of Danilo Ordonez, owner and president of D&L, to have it’s own company. Danilo had 8 years managing the plumbing department of a company and considered that he had the expertise to make it on his way. "We started making $ 35,000 the first year and today we are very proud to have generated $ 690,000 in 2015, reporting $ 280,000 so far in 2016" said Danilo.

We share a success story of the company...

"We are very proud to have finished the Orange County Social Services project before the date set by the Design Team, finish any project ahead of time is a success, says Ordoñez. Also the fact of working with UNC Chapel Hill and private companies such as the Fresh Market and Durham Public Schools, are signs of success for us and fill us with pride. We currently have a project with Clancey and Theys for Bank of America, we enjoy seeing the progress the company achieves year after year, he added.

How should a small contractor think to achieve success, in a market that hasn't fully recover yet?

One of the tips Danilo shared was to always provide the best possible customer service. Danilo tells us that this philosophy has led his company to an excellent reputation, which makes customers keep looking for them. He added that it is important to adjust and improve budgets to ensure the growth of a company.

Minority Contractors Certifications are other components that provide great advantage because public projects require them to meet the standards and goals of theirdepartments. Also safety certifications like OSHA 10 and 30 help to create a professional profile and safer practices for employees.

What does it mean for you to be a member of HCAC?

Belonging to HCAC is a great pride, it opens doors and creates an impact to government agencies, cities, and potential customers. On the other hand, HCAC gives us full support when needed. They are an inspiration and a source of new contacts and clients.

HCAC is doing an excellent job and we look forward to working closely with them, the efforts made for the Hispanic Contractor are truly admirable.

For more information visit www.dlplumbingco.com

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