Meet HCAC Trade Contractor of the Year: Casanova Siding, Inc.

Casanova Siding is a company with over 14 years experience in Siding installation, in it’s different presentations, to customers in residential, commercial and multi-family construction. From their office in Charlotte, North Carolina, Casanova Siding covers an area of ​​four hours around, offering their services in cities like Charleston, Raleigh, Asheville and Columbia, among others.

We talked to the owners of Casanova Siding and we asked them to tell us how they started their operations...

From left to right: Rafael
Casanova, Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Bonifacio Serrano.

It all started 14 years ago with Founder Rafael Casanova, working with groups in the field. In 2007 Juan Carlos Rodriguez joined the company as manager and Chief Operating Officer, exploring new markets in the multi-family level. Bonifacio Serrano joined the group in 2014, to expand the company’s production level. Today the company has a great team both at the office and at construction sites, providing opportunities and employing more than 100 people, including subcontractors and employees.

We share a success story of the company...

After so many years in the market you develop friendships that can unknowingly give a big turn to your career, and this was our case when we met Steve Moneypenny, who trusted us even when the crisis tightened. We had to believe in each other and we took forward a project that was almost lost. Years later, Steve presented us with CMC, one of the most recognized companies in this field, with who we have developed strong bonds and have managed large projects for, they are one of our best references today.

How should a small contractor think to achieve success, in a market that hasn't fully recover yet?

One of the tips that we would like to share is that if things are made with passion, anything is possible. The first thing is to believe in yourself so others would believe in you and your company. On the way, people told us that we were never going to make it, because we were Hispanics and because no one would give us a chance. 

In this environment, a company and its name must be accompanied by the quality of  the service it provides, that is how customers will differentiate your company from others. One way to achieve credibility is through OSHA certifications, safety is one the most important aspects in the industry.

What does it mean for you to be a member of HCAC?
Being members of the association and having a team of people working for us and with us offer us peace, we can count on them at any time, either to find information about things we do not know, or job opportunities, law, regulations, among others.

The Association is like a family with whom you share your concerns and your success. Is not only about a membership that you pay each year to attend the events,there are many things that can be beneficial to our companies, we are grateful to belong to this great family of HCAC. Do not hesitate to be part of this great team.

What did it mean to be recognized as Trade Contractor of the Year?

For us this award really means that all our hard work has been taken into account, and that makes us feel so good, because our effort is demonstrated daily. This market is very difficult, it constantly presents challenges and requires us to fight for our goals. But this country is for everyone, a big door to success, anything is possible!

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