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– June 13, 2018

Project: Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery Expansion 8220 Bragg Blvd. Spring Lake, North Carolina 28310 (910) 436-5630

From: SfL+a Architects 110 Anderson Street Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301 (910) 484-4989

To: To all Bidders and Interested Parties

This Addendum forms a part of the Contract Documents and modifies the original Bidding Documents dated April 23, 2018, as noted below.

This Addendum consists of Two (2) Addendum No. 2 pages, four (4) modified “Form of Proposal” pages and two (2) modified “Section 01 23 00 – Alternates”.


Item 1 Addendum #2 – Delete the following from Addendum #2 issued June 08, 2018:

• Item #2

• Item #3

• Item #4

• Four (4) Modified “Form of Proposal” pages.

• Two (2) Modified “Section 01 23 00 – Alternates”

Item 2 Alternate #7 –Alternate #7 has been added which includes the following statement: “Construct the parking spaces to include pavement, C&G base and other associated items. In the existing parking lot shown on Sheet C-204, add ADA striping to one parking space. Include the installation of two ADA parking signs with posts. Designate one as ‘Van Accessible’. Refer to Sheets C-201 through C-205.”

Item 3 Alternate #8 – Alternate #8 has been added which includes the following: “Add for optional powder-coated roll-up doors in lieu of standard paint for the new Maintenance Building.”

Item 4 Questions During Bid – The North Carolina State Construction Manual states that a final addendum must be issued no later than 7 days prior to bid opening. Therefore, the Design Team will receive questions up to the close of business Tuesday, June 12, 2018 and will issue a final addendum if necessary on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018. These dates supersede all previous references to dates for receiving questions and issuance of a final addendum.

Item 5 Tracer Wire - For plastic sewer piping, an insulated copper tracer wire or other approved conductor shall be installed adjacent to and over the full length of gravity and force main piping. Access shall be provided to the tracer wire or the tracer wire shall terminate at the cleanout between the building drain and building sewer. The tracer wire size shall be not less than 14 AWG and the insulation type shall be listed for direct burial

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