Cutting Edge Branding Strategies for Contractors

By Katherine Oakes

The first step in growing your contracting business is to determine a branding strategy that works best for you. As a small business owner, you represent not only yourself but your brand as well. That’s why it’s important to get down the nuts and bolts of not just who you are but what you do. What will set you apart from the rest of the competition is a branding strategy that emphasizes your own unique strengths.

To help you do this successfully, we’ve narrowed it down to three of the most cutting edge strategies to help you grow your contracting business.

Build a Brand Identity That’s Consistent

When you think about contractors that are part of a well-known and successful businesses, you might think about the guy with the catchy slogan or the one with the green polo shirt and their logo embroidered on the front. While slogans and logos aren’t exactly what makes or breaks a brand it’s the consistency of their efforts that catches client’s attention and brings them to the front of your mind. To build a brand identity you need to have a strong look and feel that’s consistent across all platforms — don’t make the mistake of thinking that it needs to be anything fancy! What always rings true is a clear brand voice and tone with an authentic message that you will apply to everything from your website to your business cards and even your company logo.

Take some time to consider your strengths, identify any unique skills, your area of expertise and your experience in the industry. Knowing all of this information will help you get really clear about your brand’s message and how best to communicate it. Using social media platforms like a Facebook page or an Instagram account is a great way to build brand awareness and add a personal touch. However, be mindful of how you represent yourself on these platforms and always keep things professional.

Cultivate Supportive + Positive Relationships

Having a loyal client base is crucial for a successful contracting business, and that can only come from cultivating positive relationships with your customers. Many people worry about contractors and letting strangers into their home, but you can win them over simply by being reliable, friendly and trustworthy. It’s your job to make your clients feel at ease during the project by meeting their expectations and doing so in a timely manner. This is a key branding strategy that proves a little truly goes a long way.

Just like in any good relationship, good communication is key. If there is an issue, be up-front and honest about it and don’t keep important information from them. By establishing clear boundaries and good lines of communication you’ll probably already have won them over and even get them as returning clients, too! Who knows, there might even be a few referrals that come your way, too.

Care About Your Reputation

At the end of the day, making a good impression is more valuable than simply getting a potential client’s name and number. Once you’ve created a strong brand identity with an authentic message that you can share online or in print, it’s time to establish yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable industry professional. Here are a few creative ideas for ways to get the word out:

  • Use online platforms like a blog on your company’s website or even a forum where people can ask questions to show your expertise
  • If you have permission, post your best projects on social media or your website to offer a customers an updated portfolio of your work
  • Encourage word-of- mouth promotion! There’s simply nothing more influential than grassroot marketing via recommendations. Ask previous clients to help get the word out about your brand and keep business booming.

About the Author

Katherine Oakes is a writer, yoga instructor, and vocalist living in Northern New Jersey who loves writing for Modernize Roofing Leads with the goal of helping homeowners connect with qualified contractors for their home improvement projects.

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