How to Offset the Dip in Job Leads During the Holiday Months

By Katherine Oakes

When the temperature drops and the weather takes a turn during the holiday months, prospective job leads and new clients start to fade away for most contractors. Although the work slump is inevitable and more people are doing less home improvement projects outdoors, there are still plenty of ways to stay busy.

Don’t let your business go into hibernation during the holidays. After all, timing is everything and the winter season brings in a whole new set of business opportunities that you didn’t have before. Here are three effective ways to offset the dip in job leads during the holiday months.



Offer Additional Services

Weather or not (sorry, we couldn’t help it) it’s the harsh climate, unpredictable winter conditions or a combination of both, many contractors find that there are less and less job opportunities for their specializations during the winter months. Rather than feel frustrated by the lack of work, this is a great time to be proactive and expand your services to meet people’s needs. Consider adding seasonal services that are specific to the holidays. Depending on the area you live in, this could mean assembling holiday lighting or large-scale decorations (especially on the roof), or even offering snow removal services (if you live in a snowy climate).

Don’t just stop there. Get creative by offering indoor services as well. Help your clients battle the dust that will likely accumulate in their home as they board everything up and hunker down for the winter with carpet cleaning services. While you’re at it, this is also a great time to offer to take care of those pesky home projects like cleaning out air conditioners and doing other HVAC repair to get folks ready for the cold. If you and your team are able, positioning yourself as an expert in making your home energy efficient year round is a lucrative business opportunity that will always keep you busy. Think of it as contracting a la carte for your HVAC leads generation services.

Take It Inside

Who wouldn’t love the chance to impress their family and friends with stunning interior design while they are hosting for the holidays? Sure, there might not be enough time to do a full kitchen renovation, but you can offer smaller and more manageable services like repairs, updating the cabinetry and floors, or even a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to installation services during the holidays, a little can go a long way in sprucing up the place. Consider reaching out to your clients, both old and new, to find out if they’d be interested in doing interior remodeling or small home updates before they even begin to think about decking the halls.

Giving your existing client base some special attention can really pay off, and it could possibly lead to a few extra referrals. You never know if Aunt Sally will be really impressed by your work and give you a call after the holidays for that full bathroom renovation she’s been dreaming about for months.

‘Tis the Season for Savings

Everyone loves a good sale during the holidays, and although the last thing you want to do is lower your prices during the slow season, a holiday deal is worth considering. Including seasonal incentives may actually give you a leg up on the competition. However, tread carefully and be mindful of your pricing—don’t just take a price cut to win a potential client. Consider all your expenses, earnings, and time spent at the job and then weigh your options to make sure you’re offering a deal that’s worth it in the end.

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