In an oversaturated digital marketplace, contractors can’t afford to let leads slip away. Taking a lackadaisical approach will result in other contractors swooping in and closing the deal before you even get a chance to tell the client why you’re the best choice. When it comes to lead generation marketing, the key is to respond promptly and address the customer’s needs immediately so they have no reason to overlook you. Home Improvement Leads offers tips for responding in a way that precipitates a profitable relationship for both you and the customer.

Respond within Minutes

If you’re not the type to stay glued to your various devices during your personal time, responding to a business inquiry within an hour or even a day may seem reasonable to you. But your customers have information and options at their fingertips 24/7, and if you take that long to follow up, the lead you’ve worked so hard to generate will go to a competitor. The everyday customer only needs to speak to one or two contractors before they decide to pursue one further. Ideally, someone from your company is responding within five minutes.

Program an Automatic Response

If you’re wondering how you could possibly live your life if you’re constantly on alert for new leads or sending them straight to your personal phone, the good news is: you don’t have to. Set up an automatic email with a promise to promptly give them a call. A few leads may slip through the cracks, especially ones who are ready to have a personal conversation or close the deal on the spot. But for the most part, this prompt response will keep the leads in your pocket until you have a moment to reciprocate interest.

Reach out Via Phone and Email

Your lead response is the first—and possibly only—impression a customer will have of how you do business. They could read a hundred online reviews that say you do amazing work, but a slow response eats away at any trust you may have already built through digital marketing efforts. Be present. Don’t just email and twiddle your thumbs waiting for them to email back. Call the customer, and if they don’t answer, leave a voicemail and try again later. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can be crucial to delivering prompt and helpful responses when you don’t have manpower ready to catch those leads around the clock.

Create a Loose Script

If other people besides the owner or marketing manager are going to be contacting leads, make sure these employees know the protocol and follow a professional script. Of course, when you have set dialogue in place, it’s important to make it sound natural. An automatic response is okay for the first step, but after that, customers want personal attention and want to know their specific problem is going to be solved in a way that suits their needs and budget. But a script is a good framework for teaching employees what language lets the customer know he or she is a priority and that your company knows how to solve their problem.

Get to the Point, but Give the Customer Space

Address the customer’s specific issue at first point of contact (again, if that’s an automatic response, do this in your follow-up email or call that you’ve promised). Customers who are ready to make a move want to speak to someone who’s informed and has ideas about the project. But be careful not to let your enthusiasm pressure the customer—some are more deterred by being put on the spot than by a lack of response.
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